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A bicyclist at Wilder stopped me on my horse today….

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Still a few California Poppys at Wilder….

My friend and I were just starting our ride today. We had gone through the gate and were just headed up the main trail. We were talking about this and that while walking out on our on horses and a couple of bikes were coming towards us so we just naturally moved off to the right to let them pass. In fact, we had been side by side, but we rearranged ourselves to single file so they could ride on by without interference. This is business as usual for us. But the second biker stopped and said he just needed to tell us something. I expected him to ask to take our picture, or maybe to tell us there was a rattler up the way, or maybe a tree down…why would anyone stop you on the trail? But…he surprised both my friend and I by proceeding to say that he just had to tell us that he had never experienced such polite and pleasant horse back riders in a park anywhere! What a nice thing to say! He told us he was from out of town, and I am sorry in retrospect that bikers and horses don’t always get along other places….but in our park, it’s a fact that bikers and horses in the main are very courteous and helpful to each other! Thank you Wilder bikers and riders for creating this atmosphere!

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The Wilder tunnel…..

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My friend and I were riding our horses down the bike path today towards Wilder from the direction of Santa Cruz. A couple of bikers stopped us asking where the tunnel was. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the famous Wilder State Park tunnel that goes under highway one and leads you into the backcountry and many wonderful trails is at the end of the highway one bike path coming from Santa Cruz. In otherwards, the bike path dead ends at the tunnel! If you are coming from Santa Cruz, the bike/hike path is a wonderful way to access Wilder!

Wilder Tunnel to the backcountry, notice the bike path on the right dead ending into the road going thru the tunnel....

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