*Old Cove Landing Trail and Ohlone Bluff Trails

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Old Cove Landing Trail and Ohlone Bluff Trail: A pair of connecting trails in Wilder Ranch State Park along the water’s edge! Close to 4 miles one way…

Find the trailhead for these trails on the South side of the Main Wilder State Park Visitor Parking area off highway one. Initially you will cross the RXR tracks and start down a wide hard packed sand trail called Old Cove Landing Trail. In less than a mile after passing some wonderful nature education signs you will find yourself on the edge of the cliffs looking out over the Monterey Bay. Wilder Beach (closed to public) will be on your left, and as you start turning right and heading West, you will pass Fern Grotto Beach and Sand Plant Beach. By this time, Old Cove Landing Trail has turned into Ohlone Bluff Trail. Continue on this wide hard pack sand on the edge of the ocean for until you reach 4 mile beach…at about 4 miles. During this trek you will need to follow signs as about three quarters of the way to 4 mile beach, you are routed away from the beach briefly to the RXR tracks and then down what appears to be a private drive, but in actual fact is a continuation of the trail as it passes by currently used ranch buildings on it’s way back to the ocean’s edge.

To be continued….but just a little bit to pique your interest in this trail…I have seen pods of dolphins frolicing in the surf and swimming so close to the cliff’s edge that you could have said hello to them if you had wanted to. 🙂

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