Wilder Ranch fun facts….

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Wilder Ranch State Park and it’s adjoining sister park, Gray Whale, is located 1.8 miles north of the city of Santa Cruz on highway one. The park spans both sides of the highway, but look for the main entrance on the left or ocean side of the road.

Here in this page is where you are going to find some fun facts about the history of the combined Gray Whale and Wilder State Parks amazing 7,000 acres that rise from sea level to over 1,120 feet. Both parks boast a rich history of Native Americans, ranching, dairy endeavors, logging and more. Wilder and Gray Whale are home to a great many fun animals from Cougars (also called Mountain Lions, Catamounts and Pumas), to wild boar, to badgers and coyotes and foxes. And just about any day you visit Wilder you will be priviledged to see a phenomenal array of birds including several species of birds of prey. Wildflowers abound in the spring and I’ll make mention of them…as well as where to see them on individual trip descriptions.  And to whet your appetite…here are the currently (April 2012) blooming wild irises on the Englesmann Trail!

So, stay tuned for more…here is where the fun facts of Wilder and Gray Whale will be showing up!

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