Wilder Ranch Trails

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Check in these pages and eventually every single trail in Wilder will be detailed.   Find mileages, elevation information, approx length of time to hike or ride each trail, views, difficulty etc

While there are several ways to access the trails of Wilder State Park, most trails start at the Wilder Ranch “proper” near the Visitor’s Center.  From the visitor’s center parking lot, you take a very short stroll down to the historic ranch buildings.

Dee and Shasta below the visitor center parking lot at the entrance to the historic Wilder Ranch State Park buildings ….

You can wander around the houses, barns and stop in at the visitor’s center.   And everybody loves the cows, sheep, goats, chicken and horses you can visit with before hitting the trails.   After wandering through the “ranch proper,” continue on the paved drive past the chickens on the left and the apple trees on the right til you see the tunnel ahead.

The tunnel to the backcountry!

The tunnel at Wilder State Ranch will take you underneath Highway One and to the corrals.  Once at the corrals you have  several options for journeys in the backcountry…all to be detailed in these pages!  Happy Hiking, Biking and Riding Wilder!

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