*Baldwin Loop, Wilder State Park

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From the tunnel by the Wilder Ranch buildings, to the far end of the Baldwin Loop and back is approx 11 miles

The Baldwin Loop of Wilder Ranch State Park is on the far southwest corner of the park. The Baldwin Loop takes the name from the Baldwin Ranch.   The Baldwin Ranch was started by L.K.Baldwin who partnered with Delos D. Wilder in the dairy farm business from 1871 to 1885.

There are many trails leading to Baldwin loop For a lovely long hike or ride, start at the tunnel by the ranch buildings, and go past the corrals taking a left on Wilder Ridge. go past the Dairy trail turnoff and continue up the hill towards “Lookout.”  You can either take the Twin Oaks trail turnoff just before Lookout, or continue on Wilder Ridge.   Both Twin Oaks and Wilder Ridge take you to the turnoff to Baldwin Ranch Trail, which is well marked and takes you onto Baldwin Loop.  Soon you will start dropping on a long shallow downhill.  Winding up at an old farmhouse and almost to highway 1, you then start back uphill on the return leg of the Baldwin Loop. Climbing again on a shallow incline, travel back up to the junction to the Baldwin Ranch trail and rejoin your original trail in, retracing your steps.  Between Twin Oaks, Wilder Ridge and Baldwin Ranch trails, there are several tiny spur trails. Once you’ve been here a time or two this won’t be confusing.  The first time though, you will want to stay on the main marked trails.

The Baldwin Loop though long, passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in Wilder from wide open meadows to closed in tree lined paths.   Ocean views are almost a constant companion, and you won’t want to miss the wildflowers in the spring on this trail!

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