Wilder Ranch State Park Fauna

ndwoods | April 20, 2012 | No Comments »

I personally have seen coyotes galore and bobcats and deer.  I have seen rattlesnakes about a dozen times as well as several other less notorious snakes.  I have seen one “sounder,” which is a group of about 20 wild boar.  I have seen a red fox.  I have seen a turtle or two.  I have seen the tracks of mountain lions, and the dens of badgers.   In the sky on any given day you can see Red Tailed Hawks, Red Shouldered Hawks, Kites, Kestrals, Turkey Vultures and other birds too numerous for me to mention just yet.

Saw a turtle today. On the lower Englesmann loop was a little turtle walking from the direction on one creek to another. He had a shell about 4 inches long. Last time I saw a turtle was up on the trail near the pond on the Lookout trail…he had a shell about 6 inches long.

Wilder has an extremely habitable backcountry with it’s wide open plains and cool shade trees, water and generally comfortable temperatures.

Stay tuned for bits of descriptions of each of these wonderful animals and roughly where in the park you can hope to find each one.

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