*Long Meadow Trail, Wilder Ranch State Park

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Long Meadow Trail at Wilder- approx 2.3 miles from Empire Grade to Englesmann Loop.  Add approx 2 miles more from Englesmann to get to Wilder Ranch proper at highway one for a total one way journey of 4.3 miles.

Access to Long Meadow from the Coast means taking one of several trails from the tunnel at highway one.  The easiest to navigate would be Englesmann.   However, access from Empire Grade Road on the other end,  will net you a long downhill ride or walk to the coast if you can get yourself to “Twin Gates” on Empire Grade and are willing to ride back to town once back to the highway one bike path at the tunnel.   From Empire Grade,  go thru the gate on the ocean side of the road.   The “Twin Gate” on the opposite side leads you into UCSC and away from Long Meadow.   Within a very short distance you meet your first junction at Woodcutter’s trail.  To get to Long Meadow, stay to the left and continue to your next junction.  Here at your next junction you will find a park trail sign telling you to go right on Chinquapin Trail (another lovely long trail leading in to the interior trail system of the park), or to go left onto Long Meadow.  Taking your left fork onto Long Meadow will take you into wide open magnificent views of Wilder and the Ocean.

Long Meadow Trail is truly a lovely trail running 2.3  gentle downhill miles from Empire Grade to the junction of Englesmann Loop.   Long Meadow has astounding views out over the ocean from most of it’s length.   Long Meadow being a gently down sloping trail for most of it’s length, runs from about 1,120 feet at Empire Grade, to about 400 feet at the Englesmann junction.  Long Meadow trail is just what it’s name suggests….a trail running down the length of beautiful Long Meadow.  There are a couple of short hill climbs as you approach Englesmann and again on Englesmann heading down, but the climbs are well worth the stunning views!

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