*Woodcutter’s Trail, Gray Whale Ranch

ndwoods | May 5, 2012 | No Comments »

Currently closed due to washout, but watch for trail description soon as Rangers are aware and have it in the hopper to be fixed…

1.8 mile Woodcutter’s Trail runs between Smith Grade (don’t know if there is trailer parking there…I believe it to be residence access only, but will update this website when I find out…) and Chinquapin Trail off of Empire Grade. Located in the 2,600 acre Gray Whale Ranch annexed to Wilder State Park in 1996, the trail is almost totally wooded. Encountering Redwoods, Laurels, Madrones and Douglas Firs, Woodcutter’s is a great trail for a hot day. However, the one big drawback to Woodcutter’s is that once you hike in…you must double back and hike out the way you hiked in as this is not a loop trail.

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