Wilder Ranch State Park Historic Buildings

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Wilder Ranch State Park sign welcomes visitors...

When you visit Wilder Ranch, you will be taking a step back into time!  Catch the right weekend and you will find docents and kids dressed much as the Wilder’s did way back when.   California State Parks have taken great pride and effort to preserve and restore these buildings to their original state down to the inside furnishings.

Take some time and wander the “Wilder ranch proper” to find several houses the Wilder’s lived in, barns for horses and dairy cows both, chicken coops, equipment sheds and a visitor’s center with lots of fun historical information.

Picnic tables in the apple orchard at Wilder


And bring a picnic lunch to enjoy a quiet lunch at the Wilder State Park apple orchard picnic tables.  The apple orchard is just past the ranch buildings, but before you reach the tunnel leading to the trails.

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